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Opening Reception to be Held at RAND Corporation


Mark the opening of the 100YSS NEXUS with food for thought. The opening reception will be hosted at the headquarters of the world renowned research organization, RAND Corporation. Enjoy networking with fellow attendees and share in the conversation about Artificial Intelligence, Space and Human Intelligence.

Join the Gathering // September 14-17

100 Year Starship’s Nexus is the Gathering to experience, connect, imagine, re-imagine, learn, teach, build, discuss, celebrate, and foster an extraordinary future while building a better world, here and now.

September 14-17, 2017

Los Angeles, California

Artists and engineers. Physicists and philosophers. Rocket scientist and lawyers. Financiers and story tellers. Space enthusiasts and professionals. Dancers and educators. Everyone interested in shaping an audacious journey for humanity…

Join us.




Opening Reception                                  at RAND Corporation

Late Night Cassini Slam Watch-Party


25 Strong!
Celebrating Dr. Mae’s 25th Anniversary Endeavour Mission
A Party Under the Shuttle
California Science Museum

& More . . .


Canopus Awards
Science Fiction Stories Night

Plenary Sessions

& More . . .


Closing Session

& More . . .

The Second Canopus Awards:
Celebrating Excellence in Interstellar Writing

What we do today plants the seeds for tomorrow and beyond.

Dr. Mae Jemison

Principal, 100 Year Starship